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My Dinner with Casey Donovan ()

Produced by

The Cabaret Company

Playwright: Sky Gilbert
Director: Sky Gilbert


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


March 11th, 2015 – March 22nd, 2015


Through some insane stroke of luck, gay porn star and godly creature Casey Donovan has accepted closeted Calvin’s invitation to have dinner together. Together with Calvin’s parents ,– that is, since 25 year old Calvin still lives at home. The only catch is Calvin’s parents don’t even know he’s gay. (


Nathaniel Bacon Casey Donovan
Michael De Rose Calvin Limehouse
Ralph Small Charles Limehouse

Creative Team

Sky Gilbert Playwright
Sky Gilbert Director
Sheree Tams Set Designer
Sheree Tams Costume Designer
Siobhán Sleath Lighting Designer


Meredith Henry Stage Manager
Seanna Kennedy Photos
Ian Jarvis Card Design
Emily Nixon Administrative Assistant


Christopher Ross Venue Technician