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Naked Ladies ()

Produced by

A Field of Crowns

Playwright: Thea Fitz-James
Directors: Thea Fitz-James and Andrew Gaboury

Presented as part of a double-bill with Totem.


Hub 14


December 13th, 2013 – December 14th, 2013


NAKED LADIES is that moment where someone tells you that women are naturally secretive. It’s the moment they say, “Women take off their clothes to forget about their fathers”. It’s locked in the skin; intimate—between the shadow and the soul. For what are we hiding when we show it all? And what does it mean to be truly exposed? Between the naked and the nude, between forgetting fathers and remembering mothers, past sexual stigma and personal secrets, NAKED LADIES weaves personal narrative, art history, and performance theory to ask why women get naked on stage and off. Why, where and for whom? (Show Facebook Event)


Thea Fitz-James Performer

Creative Team

Thea Fitz-James Playwright
Thea Fitz-James Director
Andrew Gaboury Director
Matt McGeachy Dramaturge
Andrew Gaboury Dramaturge


Scott Emerson Moyle Front of House Manager