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Night Cows ()

Produced by

MoonCow Theatre Co.

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Jovette Marchessault
Translator: Yvonne M. Klein
Director: Katey Wattam


Factory Studio Theatre


July 3rd, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


It begins at dusk. A vachette describes her mother as she removes the shackles of the day and society, transforming herself into a sensual, grotesque, night cow. She opens herself in two, she splits herself in four, expanding into the milky way; her daughter riding her back as they go to wake the crows.

Night Cows is a solo show by Quebecois Queer Indigenous artist Jovette Marchessault. MoonCow Theatre Co. has developed a fantastical interpretation that blurs the line between human and animal, mother and daughter, sky and earth, inviting audiences into the milky ecstasy of liberation. (


Eléonore Lamothe Performer

Creative Team

Jovette Marchessault Playwright
Yvonne M. Klein English Translation
Katey Wattam Director
Anna Jane McIntyre Set Designer
Hannah Kirby Lighting Designer
Lauren Laframboise Costume Designer
Rosie Long Decter Dramaturge


Rosie Long Decter Musician
Micah Flavin Musician


Hannah Kirby Stage Manager
Katey Wattam Mask Maker
Micheline Chevrier Directing Mentor
Mathieu René Mask-Making Mentor
Jed Tomlinson Clown Mentor
Myrna Wyatt-Selkirk Academic Supervisor
Pablo Rodriguez Mentorship Coordinator