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Noor ()

Produced by

Generous Friend

Playwright: Erum Khan
Director: Erin Brubacher


The Aga Khan Museum – Mongolian Yurt


October 13th, 2018 – October 21st, 2018


Noor is a play, concert, performance experiment, and live installation, which follows a family living in Toronto in 2018. Noor, a young woman embarking on adulthood, faces the absence of her mother, and looks for shelter in a relationship with another young woman. Noor’s father struggles to establish a relationship with his daughter. As each character struggles internally with identity, faith, belonging, and displacement, they look to Rumi and the untraceable path of his muse Shams Tabriz.  (


Erum Khan Noor
Rosina Kazi Mumina
Anwar Khurshid Bashir
Sofia Rodriguez Aubrey

Creative Team

Erum Khan Playwright
Erin Brubacher Director
Rosina Kazi Composer
Anwar Khurshid Composer
Nicholas Murray Composer
Kaitlin Hickey Set and Floor Designer
Rebecca Picherack Lighting Designer
Nicholas Murray Sound Designer
Tijiki Morris Assistant Director
Liz Peterson Artistic Advisor
Franco Pang Design Assistant


Jennifer Lee Stage Manager
James Kendal Production Manager
Franco Pang Production Assistant