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Nullius in Verba: A Double Bill Dance Performance ()

Produced by

Rebel Yell

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographers: Robyn Noftall and William Hamilton


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


July 4th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018


The phrase: Nullius in Verba, “on the word of no one” is a true reflection of what we hope to imbue our audience with.
We’re infatuated with how our society decides to deal with power… we all know what we would do if we had the power to change things. We are exploring what having that power actually feels like… . How would power change you? Can a person really fix the mistakes made in the past? Or in the end, do we all fall to our own human imperfections?
Contemporary dance meets theatre… and a few superheroes. (


Robyn Noftall Collaborator / Interpreter / Voiceover
William Hamilton Collaborator / Interpreter / Voiceover
Raine Kearns Collaborator / Interpreter / Voiceover
Cheryl Chan Collaborator / Interpreter

Creative Team

Robyn Noftall Choregrapher ("What Would You Know?")
William Hamilton Choregrapher ("What Would You Know?")
Mateo Galindo Torres Choreographer ("Leaving Room", "That What We Do Not Know")
Mateo Galindo Torres Lighting Designer ("Leaving Room", "That What We Do Not Know")
Robyn Noftall Lighting Designer ("What Would You Do?")
Mateo Galindo Torres Sound Designer ("Leaving Room", "That What We Do Not Know", "What Would You Do?")
Robyn Noftall Sound Designer ("What Would You Do?")
Mateo Galindo Torres Costume Designer ("Leaving Room")
Robyn Noftall Costume Designer ("That What We Do Not Know" / "What Would You Do?")
Victoria Fuller Dramatic Coach ("What Would You Do?")
Mateo Galindo Torres Rehearsal Director ("What Would You Do?")


Lynda Yearwood Stage Manager