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Of Mice and Men ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage and Theatre Calgary

Playwright: John Steinbeck
Director: Dennis Garnhum


Bluma Appel Theatre


October 13th, 2006 – November 11th, 2006


George and his simple-minded friend Lennie are outsiders trying to make a living in a difficult world that does not welcome abnormality. Of Mice and Men is a gripping classic tale of two lost souls struggling to find their place until “the best laid schemes of mice and men” go horribly awry. This is a timely survival story for a world that breeds and fears outsiders. (


Justin Michael Carriere Whit
Benjamin Clost Curly
Sterling Jarvis Crooks
John Kirkpatrick Slim
Stan Lesk Candy
David Lereaney Boss
Lisa Norton Curly's Wife
Shaun Smyth George
Ashley Wright Lennie
John Wright Carlson

Creative Team

John Steinbeck Playwright
Dennis Garnhum Director
John Jenkins Set Designer
John Jenkins Costume Designer
Allan Stichbury Set Designer
Allan Stichbury Costume Designer
Kevin Lamotte Lighting Designer
Kelly Reay Assistant Director
Jean-Pierre Fournier Fight Director
Carla Oroz Assistant to Mr. Stichbury


Kathryn Davies Stage Manager
Rhonda Kambeitz Assistant Stage Manager
David Lereaney Fight Captain


Craig Putt Technical Director
Roger West Operations Manager
Tyler Devine Technical Associate
Serge Plourde Production Assistant
Mary Spyrakis Head of Properties
William Sovie Senior Props Builder
Barbara E. Singer Head of Wardrobe
Monty Schnieder Production Manager (Theatre Calgary)
Robert Armstrong Technical Director (Theatre Calgary)
Dustin Beck Assistant Technical Director (Theatre Calgary)
Mark Belkie Head of Sound (Theatre Calgary)
Cathy Bevans Head Electrician (Theatre Calgary)
Sabrina Miko Production Assistant (Theatre Calgary)
Bryan Brancis Head Carpenter (Theatre Calgary)
Gerry Gerlinski Carpenter (Theatre Calgary)
Riley Miljan Carpenter (Theatre Calgary)
Lillian Messer Head of Properties (Theatre Calgary)
Andy MacDonald Lead Builder (Theatre Calgary)
Corrina Johnston Builder (Theatre Calgary)
Brenna Paul Builder (Theatre Calgary)
Jennifer Hedge Head Painter (Theatre Calgary)
Riley Miljan Painter (Theatre Calgary)
Michelle Latta Head of Wardrobe (Theatre Calgary)
Tracey Hooper Wardrobe Mistress (Theatre Calgary)
Elizabeth Sutherland Cutter (Theatre Calgary)
Katie Klingvall Stitcher (Theatre Calgary)
Wendy Eakins Stitcher (Theatre Calgary)
Susan Montalbetti Dyer (Theatre Calgary)
Chris Root Head Electrician
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter
Douglas Parker Property Master
Aaron Hanna Sound Operator
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician