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Off Canvas

Off Canvas (Remounted) ()

Produced by

Momentum Dance Toronto

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographers: Julia Cottle and Michael Dore and Andrea Thompson and Jaime Lopez and Bethany Lifeso and Katy Littlejohn and Katie Everingham and Meredith Busteed and Stefanie Zilinskas


The Randolph Theatre


July 4th, 2014 – July 13th, 2014


Momentum Dance Toronto (a collective of non-professional & professional dancers) takes you through a gallery of movement as they bring art – off canvas – to life on stage. The goal? To encourage audiences to look beyond the paint, and to explore what varied movement interpretations can lie behind the stories, textures and colours featured on each canvas. (Toronto Fringe Program, 2014).


Ashleigh Ward Dancer
Carolyn LeBlanc Dancer
Connie Ma Dancer
Jaime Lopez Dancer
Kathryn Barban Dancer
Katie Everingham Dancer
Katy Littlejohn Dancer
Keesha Mercurius Dancer
Lisa Catalano Dancer
Megan Callaghan Dancer
Meredith Busteed Dancer
Michael Dore Dancer
Natasha Madon Dancer
Sylvia van Helden Principal Dancer
Tanya Robertson Principal Dancer
Heather Renzella Understudy

Creative Team

Julia Cottle Choreographer
Michael Dore Choreographer
Andrea Thompson Choreographer
Jaime Lopez Choreographer
Bethany Lifeso Choreographer
Katy Littlejohn Choreographer
Katie Everingham Choreographer
Meredith Busteed Choreographer
Stefanie Zilinskas Choreographer
Kara Latter Costumes
Sylvia van Helden Costumes


Heather Renzella Technical Director
Heather Renzella Production Manager
Angela Judith Morra Stage Manager
Martin van Helden Assistant Stage Manager
Andrea Thompson Administrator
Alex Smith Graphic Designer
Kathryn Barban Publicity
Sylvia van Helden Program
Sylvia van Helden Website
Raph Nogal Photography