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Offers of Home ()

Produced by

Panfish Productions

Playwright: Stephen Joffe
Director: Lyf Stolte


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


July 18th, 2013 – July 28th, 2013


Offers of Home is a theatrical exploration into North American ideals of home and self-security. It is also the unrelentingly personal story of a man struggling to keep himself alive; reaching out to an audience with tales of his family’s past, and striving desperately to make a connection. (


James Pettitt Leo
Alexander Plouffe Gregory / Casey
Dawn Sadler Carol / Brooke
Jeffery Roel Thistle / Mark
Katy Grabstas Isabel
Sydney Kondruss Alyx

Creative Team

Stephen Joffe Playwright
Lyf Stolte Director
Brandon Gillespie Assistant Director
Mark Lavell Lighting Designer
Brian Chmielewski Production Designer
Jackie McClelland Props
Katerina Kuzheleva Costume Designer
Kelly Anderson Sound Designer
Brittany Morrison Lighting Assistant


Kate Burns Stage Manager
Yehuda Fisher Artistic Producer
Karen Elizabeth Production Manager
Mark Lavell Technical Director
Mila Prascevic Assistant Producer
Nell Chitty Graphic Designer