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One Three Hill ()

Produced by

Daisy Productions

Playwright: Melly Magrath and Marc Prey and Alyssa Wright
Directors: Melly Magrath and Candace Meeks and Melly Magrath


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


October 8th, 2016 – October 11th, 2016


A series of three one act comedy plays.

Stuck in the Sky:  Inspired by No Exit, this zany play takes place in the CN Tower elevator when it malfunctions. Being stuck in a cramped space with four total strangers for 20 minutes will really show your true colours

Life Boat: A romantic comedy involving two strangers who wake up from a night of partying on a cruise ship to discover they are in a lifeboat, adrift at sea. Although initially appearing to be oil and water, they eventually find enough common ground to become friends – and perhaps more.

The Other Side of the Rhyme: They weren’t always innocent and they weren’t sweet. Those nursery rhymes of your childhood hide some naughty and scandalous stories, some of them even give the celebrity headlines of today a run for their money. Join the citizens of nursery and see why Mother goose made her fame and fortune writing about them. (


Candace Meeks Attendant / Yvonne / Old Mother Hubbard / Mouse
Ivana Kingston Hannah
Naama David Fiona
Sofia Rodriguez Girl
Kelly Taylor Kiki / Claudia
Richard Comeau Albert
Mark Fraser Francois / Sean / King of Hearts / Wee Willy Winkey / Tommy Tucker
Jacqueline Godbout Theresa / Little Miss Muffet / Servant
Caitlyn Turner Bridget
Gavin Magrath Carl
Malcolm Bonner Humpty Dumpty / Jeanette / Black Sheep / Pussy Cat
Emily Schooley Jack Penner / Queen of Hearts / Mother Goose
Milton Dover Captain / Knave of Hearts / Peter / Bo Peep

Creative Team

Melly Magrath Playwright
Marc Prey Playwright
Alyssa Wright Playwright
Melly Magrath Director
Candace Meeks Director
Melly Magrath Director
Justine Cargo Lighting Designer


Kelly Taylor Producer
Melly Magrath Lighting Board Operator
Melly Magrath Sound Operator
Justine Cargo Lighting Board Operator
Justine Cargo Sound Operator
Jacqueline Godbout Stage Manager