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Pains of Youth

Produced by

WORKhouse Theatre

Director: Richie Wilcox
Adapter: Martin Crimp
Playwright: Ferdinand Bruckner


Unit 102 Theatre


September 7th, 2011 – September 17th, 2011


Promiscuous, pitiless and bored, six sexually entangled medical students restlessly wander in and out of a boarding house, cramming, drinking, taunting, and spying. Freder sets about experimenting savagely with the young, pretty maid, with half an eye on his former lover, Desiree – a wild, disillusioned aristocrat. Petrell abandons Marie for the ruthless underdog Irene. Marie doesn’t waste any time weeping. Desiree wants her.

Bourgeois existence or suicide. There are no other choices.

The action takes place in 1923 Vienna, as a discontented post-war generation diagnose ‘youth’ to be their sickness and do their best to destroy it. (


Carrie Hage Desiree
Mark Paci Freder
Danielle Bossin-Hardy Marie
John-Riley O’Handley Petrell
Jonah Hundert Alt
Sarah Illiatovitch-Goldman Lucy
Lauren Commeford Irene

Creative Team

Richie Wilcox Director
Martin Crimp Adapter
Ferdinand Bruckner Playwright
Aaron Collier Composer
Aaron Collier Sound Designer
Lara de Bruiin Costume Designer
Kaitlin Hickey Set Designer


Craig Henderson Stage Manager
Marc Richler Marketing