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Paradise by the River ()

Produced by

Shadowpath Theatre Productions

Playwright: Vittorio Rossi
Director: Marianne McIsaac


The Lower Ossington Theatre


November 25th, 2010 – December 7th, 2010


Shadowpath Theatre presents the timely Toronto premiere of Paradise by the River by Vittorio Rossi. On June 10, 1940, Prime Minister Mackenzie King broadcasted his decision to intern hundreds of Italian-Canadians. King used a section of the War Measures Act that allowed the government to take “necessary precautions to safeguard the country from internal aliens.” Paradise by the River tells their story.

Paradise by the River is the journey of an Italian immigrant, Romano, and his forced relocation and internment to Petawawa, Ontario. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Italian Internment in Canada. Artistic Producer Alex Karolyi comments, “Many people never knew about this event, but the internment is an important part of our history as Canadians.” Paradise by the River is just the right play to educate, stimulate and enlighten.

Paradise by the River is an unsentimental, honest journey with the Italian-Canadian community during WWII. It doesn’t preach, nor postulate, but rather recalls the horrors of the past and reminds us that— je me souviens. (


Andrea Schuett Maria Dicenzo
Michael De Rose Bruno
Kaitlyn Riordan Helene Beauchamp
Frank Spezzano Lorenzo
Chris Coculuzzi Romano Dicenzo
Len Batta Cenzo Dicenzo
Tim Welham Jean-Pierre Beauchamp
Jan-Michael Weir Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Lucerne
Ryan MacDonald Sergeant Bill Dunnison/Man 1
Johnny Martin Calo Calabrese
Raffaele Ciampaglia Vito Di Napoli/Man 2
Enrico Difede Luca Delferro
Peter Shipston M. Lefebvre

Creative Team

Vittorio Rossi Playwright
Marianne McIsaac Director
Tom Haxell Assistant Director
Anita Nittoly Fight Director
Steve Wilsher Fight Consultant
Alex Riccio Set Designer
Alicia Ho Lighting Designer
Jessica Botelho Hair and Make-up Designer
Jessica Botelho Costume Designer
Emily Porter Sound Designer
Mike Freedman Composer


Alex Karolyi Artistic Producer
MarieClaire Odorico Producer
Jack Grinhaus Associate Producer
Leslie Bertin Assistant Producer
Joe Bucci Assistant Producer
David Liotta Production Manager
David Liotta Stage Manager
Meghan Speakman Assistant Stage Manager
Heather Ervin Publicist
Lior Soibelman Outreach Coordinator
Leslie Bertin Volunteer Coordinator
Ashley Monti Marketing
Ashley Monti Graphic Designer
Sandra Kong Graphic Designer
Kevin Tam Web Designer
Tim Moore Videographer
Chris Clifford Videographer
Greg King Photographer