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Pearls & Poison, or The Appropriate Amount of Rouge ()

Produced by

Intersection Theatre

Director: Yolanda Ferrato
Playwrights: Yolanda Ferrato and Karyn Guenther


Hub 14


September 16th, 2016 – September 18th, 2016


Inspired by the violence of children’s rhymes and the macabre works of artists such as Edward Gorey and Hillaire Belloc, “Pearls & Poison, or The Approriate Amount of Rouge” weaves three haunting cautionary tales about otherwise ordinary women who find extreme solutions for problems thousands of others cope with in more peaceful ways. (


Keshia Palm Performer
Karyn Guenther Performer
Yolanda Ferrato Performer

Creative Team

Yolanda Ferrato Director
Yolanda Ferrato Playwright
Karyn Guenther Playwright
Yolanda Ferrato Concept
Keshia Palm Text Contributions
Keshia Palm Puppet Design
Shalyn McFaul Costume Designer
Yolanda Ferrato Costume Designer
Amalea Ruffett Assistant Director
Keshia Palm Set Designer
Keshia Palm Lighting Designer
Yolanda Ferrato Set Designer
Yolanda Ferrato Lighting Designer
Karyn Guenther Set Designer
Karyn Guenther Lighting Designer
Keshia Palm Sound Designer
Stephanie Carpanini Additional Text
Zita Nyarady Additional Text


Yolanda Ferrato Musician


Keshia Palm Projections
Amalea Ruffett Stage Manager
Michael Gordon Spence Set Builder
Chelsea Graham Graphic Designer