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Peter Pan ()

Produced by

Bad Hats Theatre

Presented by

Soulpepper Theatre Company

Adapters: Fiona Sauder and Reanne Spitzer
Director: Severn Thompson


The Michael Young Theatre


December 8th, 2017 – December 31st, 2017


Pirates. Lost Boys. A ticking crocodile. J. M. Barrie’s classic story about the boy who would never grow up is given a lively musical reimagining for kids and kids-at-heart. (


Jocelyn Adema Tootles / Noodler
Graham Conway Captain Hook / Mr. Darling
Landon Doak Michael Darling
Matthew Finlan Slightly / Barbecue
Richard Lam Curly / Bill Jukes
Lena Maripuu Wendy Darling
Matthew Pilipiak Mr. Smee
Victor Pokinko John Darling
Fiona Sauder Peter Pan
Tal Shulman Nibs / Cherry
Reanne Spitzer Tinkerbell / Mrs. Darling / Starkey

Creative Team

Fiona Sauder Adapter
Reanne Spitzer Adapter
Severn Thompson Director
Landon Doak Composer
Richard Lam Music
Jocelyn Adema Music
Graham Conway Music
Matthew Finlan Music
Lena Maripuu Music
Victor Pokinko Music
Matthew Pilipiak Music
Fiona Sauder Music
Tal Shulman Music
Reanne Spitzer Music
Amy Marie Wallace Production Designer
Ken MacKenzie Lighting Designer
Nathan Carroll Music Director
Jack Rennie Fight Director
Jack Rennie Flight Drector
Reanne Spitzer Movement Director
J. M. Barrie Author


Matthew Pilipiak Fight Captain
Lucia Corak Stage Manager
Kathleen Jones Apprentice Stage Manager
Nicola Atkinson Producer
Victor Pokinko Producer
Fiona Sauder Producer
Matthew Pilipiak Producer
Andrew Leeke Technical Director
Sarah Elizabeth Noyes Head of Wardrobe
Lisa Nighswander Head of Properties
Andy DeVries Head Carpenter
Paul Boddum Head Scenic Artist


Diego Costa House Technician
Natalie Kirk House Technician
Colton Stang House Technician
Ashton Vetter House Technician