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Pieces of Me ()

Produced by

Promise Productions

Music: Deon Denton
Lyrics: Deon Denton
Book: Deon Denton
Director: Deon Denton


Theatre Passe Muraille Mainspace


November 20th, 2013


November 20th, 2013 – November 30th, 2013


A restless wife trying to return to her past, a faithful husband trying to secure their future and a secret that will shatter them both. This is the Tale of Pieces of Me a musical drama about the Power of Purpose and the Dangers of Restlessness. The story of Hosea and Gomer is used as a backdrop for a modern tale of sex, lies and betrayal. It depicts the portrait of a beautiful couple celebrating the perfect life and marriage. But up close that portrait is flawed with deception as we see the wife, Pamela, being overcome with restlessness and boredom and secretly yearns for her former life. Her husband, Parker, is unaware of his wifes discontent, and works hard to secure their future, until he is confronted with a secret from her past that threatens to shatter their world and destroy everything he believes to be right.  (


Shahi Teruko Pamela
Sheldon Neil Parker
Crystal Neil Narrator
Roberta Baird Dedra
Natalie Ricketts Mela
Claudia Wit Shaylene
Astrid Atherly Diamond / Betty
Mischa Aravena Brent the Alcoholic
Keriece Harris Cora / Understudy for Betty
Andria Crabbe Vocal Ensemble
Rashaana Cumberbatch Vocal Ensemble / Understudy for Narrator
Samantha Ballard Vocal Ensemble / Understudy for Diamond
Chris Vergara Vocal Ensemble
Tea Nguyen Vocal Ensemble
Gerrick Denton Vocal Ensemble / Understudy for Brent
Mish Tam Dance Ensemble
Jorge Cantor Dance Ensemble
Jánae Kelly-Clarke Dance Ensemble
Jestiena Salmon Dance Ensemble
Matthew Edmonson Dance Ensemble
Sarah Davis Understudy for Mela

Creative Team

Deon Denton Music
Deon Denton Lyrics
Deon Denton Book
Deon Denton Director
Robert Chambers Musical Director
Robert Chambers Music Arrangements
Adam Hale Lighting Designer
Adam Hale Sound Designer
Harry Deiu Set & Scene Designer
Janine King Costume Designer
Nicole Hamilton Choreographer
J’Maine Jones Music ("Tell Me" and "I'm in the Other Room")
Quisha Wint Music ("I Promise to be Faithful")


Stevie Baker Stage Manager
Ivana Kragic Production Stage Manager
Gerrick Denton Production Manager
Leslie-Ann Valley Vocal Coach
Helen Concepcion Hair & Make-up
Tegan Weatherup-Leach Hair & Make-up
Karen Jewels Costume Department
Mish Tam Dance Captain
Matthew Edmonson Dance Captain
John Butler Sound Operator