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Plays in Cafes ()

Produced by

Shadowpath Theatre Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Director: Rosanna Saracino
Creator: Alex Karolyi
Playwrights: Chandra Pepper and Mani Eustis and Laura Katherine Hayes and Coco LaRain and Alex Karolyi


Poetry Jazz Cafe


July 5th, 2018 – July 14th, 2018


Grab a cool cocktail and an evening of theatre and song shall be served. Welcome to the Poetry Jazz Cafe, where the audience orders their entertainment off the menu. Hot or cold? Sweet or spicy? It’s never the same experience twice. (


Scott McCulloch Steve / Richard
Chandra Pepper Lucy / Erika / Bella
Coco LaRain "Hot" Woman / Maxine / Tracy
Mani Eustis "Bitter" Waitress / Waitress
Asante Tracey "Fresh" Man / Joe

Creative Team

Rosanna Saracino Director
Alex Karolyi Creator
Chandra Pepper Playwright ("Spicy")
Mani Eustis Playwright ("Dry")
Laura Katherine Hayes Playwright ("Sweet")
Coco LaRain Playwright ("Bitter")
Alex Karolyi Playwright ("Rich")
Rosanna Saracino Dramaturge
Coco LaRain Assistant Dramaturge
Joanna Grace Musical Director
Coco LaRain Musical Director


Joanna Grace Piano
Coco LaRain Vocals
Daron McColl Guitar
Robert Lee Bass


Alex Karolyi Producer
Laura Katherine Hayes Assistant Producer