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Prophecy Fog ()

Produced by

The Coal Mine Theatre

Creator: Jani Lauzon
Director: Franco Boni


The Coal Mine Theatre


November 12th, 2023 – December 10th, 2023


From award-winning artist, Jani Lauzon, Prophecy Fog begins with a journey into the Mojave Desert in search of Giant Rock, armed with the question: can a site still be sacred if it has been desecrated?

We encounter a girl in the mountains of B.C. with a pocket full of stones, the rainbow warrior’s prophecy, and a mysterious inscription that obscures our past.

“We come from the stars, we are star people.” (


Jani Lauzon Performer

Creative Team

Jani Lauzon Creator
Franco Boni Director
Melissa Joakim Environmental Design
Tim Lindsay Environmental Design Associate
Brian Quirt Dramaturge


Julia Aplin Movement Consultant
Pauline Shirt Cultural Consultant
Sadie Buck Cultural Consultant
A.J. Morra Stage Manager
Jen Newnham Stage Manager
Wes Babcock Co-Production Supervisor
Crystal Lee Co-Production Supervisor
Wes Babcock Production Manager
Wes Babcock Technical Director
Barry McCluskey Assistant Production Manager
Candice Eason Scenic Painter
Elio Legault House Technician
Taylor Cole Crew
Sam Kruger Crew
Nick Bond Crew
Kim Schaedlich Crew
Lochlan Cox Crew
Ryan Wilson Bench Carpenter


Breanna Dillon Associate Producer
Matt Eger Associate Producer