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Puppet Up! – Uncensored ()

Produced by

Henson Alternative and WestBeth Entertainment

Presented by

Unique Lives & Experiences and Mirvish Productions

Co-Creators: Brian Henson and Patrick Bristow
Director: Patrick Bristow


CAA Theatre


October 22nd, 2013 – November 3rd, 2013


After just the first few moments of watching… or rather.. interacting with the puppeteers of Puppet Up! – Uncensored, you’ll realize this is no ordinary puppet show. For starters, you can see it all happening. And we mean all. The magic that’s usually a secret shared only among expert puppeteers is unveiled on stage as this world-class, hilarious gang of professionals does their thing right before your eyes. Of course, purists in the audience can still watch the “traditional” puppet show on a large screen in between blurting out suggestions that become sketches on the fly! Simply put, see Puppet Up!, and you’ll get two-shows-in-one of improvised Henson puppetry, for adults only. (


Patrick Bristow Host

Creative Team

Brian Henson Co-Creator
Patrick Bristow Co-Creator
Patrick Bristow Director