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Raging Dreams: Into the Visceral ()

Produced by

Theatre Gargantua

Creator: Jacquie PA Thomas
Director: Jacquie PA Thomas
Playwright: Jacquie PA Thomas


Harbourfront Centre Theatre


May 5th, 2017 – May 6th, 2017


This Toronto favourite transports audiences into a dream-like world of haunting melodies and striking images created by a cast of airborne performers. This meditation on violence uses live instrumentation to conjure a subconscious scarred by the impact of societal violence. (


Abraham Asto Performer
Joel Benson Performer
Darcy Gerhart Performer
Teiya Kasahara Performer
Michelle Polak Performer
Michael Gordon Spence Performer

Creative Team

Jacquie PA Thomas Creator
Jacquie PA Thomas Director
Jacquie PA Thomas Playwright
Meryn Cadell Original Text
Michael Gordon Spence Set Designer
Michael Gordon Spence Lighting Designer
Erica Buss Costume Designer
Ottilie Mason Original Costume Designer
Jacquie PA Thomas Composer
Michael Gordon Spence Composer
Erica Buss Composer
Tim Sommerville Composer
Michelle Polak Composer
Albert Hung Composer


Donald Quan Musician


Erika Morey Stage Manager
Laird Macdonald Production Coordinator
Yolanda Ferrato Producer
Daisy Maher Production Assistant