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Real Dead Ghosts

Real Dead Ghosts ()

Produced by

Shelby Company

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Jonathan A. Goldberg
Director: Courtney Ulrich


The Robert Gill Theatre


July 2nd, 2014 – July 12th, 2014


A cabin in the woods becomes home to disappointments, secrets and regrets when a young couple are haunted by past choices and future responsibilities. A modern day ghost story. Unfinished business kind of shit. (Toronto Fringe Program, 2014). 


Lara Hillier Amber
Nathaniel Kent Graham

Creative Team

Jonathan A. Goldberg Playwright
Courtney Ulrich Director
Kevin Brouder Sound Designer
Deanna Frieman Costume Designer
Dan Henry Lighting Consultant
April Bartlett Scene Consultant


Dan Moyer Producer
Kellie Fitzgerald Production Assistant
Hunter Canning Photography


Teo Balcu Venue Technician
Paul Stoesser Festival Lighting Designer
Vanita Butrsingkorn Venue Technician