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Red Knows: A Play on Words ()

Produced by

Sol Express

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Rachel Boardman and Natalie Breton and Madeleine Brown and Joan Curran and Maya Findlay and Robert Gray and Nicholas David Herd and Agnes Kenny and Nafiz Ismail and Melissa Marshall and Irene Pollock and Andreas Prinz and Matt Rawlins and Kevin Schmidt and Cheryl Zinyk
Directors: Cheryl Zinyk and Matt Rawlins


The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre – The Al Green Theatre


July 5th, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


A sassy scrumptious analysis of words and silence through the lens of human relationship and connection and complicated exaggeration around an exhilarating yet inspirational display of beautiful-not-perfect. (


Rachel Boardman Performer
Natalie Breton Performer
Madeleine Brown Performer
Joan Curran Performer
Maya Findlay Performer
Robert Gray Performer
Nicholas David Herd Performer
Agnes Kenny Performer
Melissa Marshall Performer
Irene Pollock Performer
Andreas Prinz Performer
Matt Rawlins Performer
Kevin Schmidt Performer
Dan Coleman Performer

Creative Team

Rachel Boardman Creator
Natalie Breton Creator
Madeleine Brown Creator
Joan Curran Creator
Maya Findlay Creator
Robert Gray Creator
Nicholas David Herd Creator
Agnes Kenny Creator
Nafiz Ismail Creator
Melissa Marshall Creator
Irene Pollock Creator
Andreas Prinz Creator
Matt Rawlins Creator
Kevin Schmidt Creator
Cheryl Zinyk Creator
Cheryl Zinyk Director
Matt Rawlins Director
Robbie Savage Herrington Lighting Designer
Maya Findlay Sound Designer
Matt Rawlins Sound Designer
Matt Rawlins Projection and Video Designer


Maya Findlay Stage Manager
Cheryl Zinyk Production Manager
Natalie Breton Clown Coach
Katherine Duncanson Consultant
Emma Kate Lamont Assistant Stage Manager
Karen Kugelmass Production Assistant
Bronwyn Bates Production Assistant
Matt Rawlins Photography
Matt Rawlins Print & Media Design
Kat Germain Audio Describer
Gaitrie Persaud ASL Interpreter
Rogue Benjamin ASL Interpreter
Caitlin Coyle Touch Tour Table
John Guido Touch Tour Table
Amanda Hickey Touch Tour Table
Leah Jebb Touch Tour Table
Michael Marshall Touch Tour Table
Ruth Siew Touch Tour Table
Haidee Zapanta Touch Tour Table