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reSURGEnce ()

Produced by

Kinetic Elements Dance

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Choreographers: Kendra Hughes and Miles Gosse and Elizabeth Vecchio and Sandra Clarke and Chelsea Lee and Tracy Day


Factory Mainspace Theatre


July 9th, 2011 – July 16th, 2011


reSURGEnce is a collection of dances takes a look at society and examines the way that we view authority, power and beauty. Through contemporary dance Kinetic Elements deconstructs and transcends the boundaries of the labels put on all of us. (


Sandra Clarke Performer (Introduction / Devil in Me / Disruption / Finale)
Miles Gosse Performer (Introduction / ..On the March / Prime Time / Disruption / Finale)
Daniel Grys Performer (Introduction / ..On the March / Proxemics / Prime Time / Finale)
Gillian Moult Performer (Introduction / ..On the March / Proxemics / Disruption / Finale)
Elizabeth Vecchio Performer (Introduction / Mattel Nervosa / Disruption / Finale)
Kate Knox Performer (Possibly Maybe / Disruption / Finale)
Chelsea Lee Performer (Possibly Maybe / ..On the March / Disruption / Finale)
Tracy Day Performer (.. On the March / Finale)

Creative Team

Kendra Hughes Choreographer (Introduction / Symmetry / Proxemics / Disruption / Finale)
Miles Gosse Choreographer (..On the March)
Elizabeth Vecchio Choreographer (Mattel Nervosa)
Sandra Clarke Choreographer (Devil in Me)
Chelsea Lee Choreographer (Possibly Maybe)
Tracy Day Choreographer (Prime Time)


Jennifer McKinley Stage Manager
Ryan Joyce Photography
Jordan Teichman Graphic Designer