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Richard III, The Pleasures of Violence ()

Produced by

Bad New Days Performing Arts and The Kadožüké Kollektif

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Tatiana Jennings


Zuke Studio Theatre


September 10th, 2014 – September 28th, 2014


Richard III, The Pleasures of Violence, the Kadozuke Kollektif’s most ambitious and complex work to date, puts a humanistic spin on Shakespeare’s political propaganda play. Intensely visual and highly choreographed, Jennings’ Richard III explores the passion, violence and disaster that erupted in the family of three York brothers – Edward, Clarence and Richard – following the impulsive and secret love and marriage of Edward IV, King of England to Elizabeth Woodville. Jennings transforms Shakespeare’s classic into a sensual exploration of the humanity of the characters, partly by making unseen events of the traditional story visible for the first time. While faithful to the original text, Jennings subverts its overtly propagandistic content through the unexpected and extremely detailed behaviour of the performers onstage. (Show Facebook Event)


Barbara Amponsah Queen Elizabeth / Messenger / Soldier
Lacey Creighton Lady Anne Neville
Scott Edwards Duke of Buckingham / Murderer
Dave Fish King Edward IV / Sir William Catesby / Sir Robert Brackenbury
Sefton Jackson Earl Rivers / Lord Mayor of London / Henry Tudor - Earl of Richmond / Messenger
Shawn Lall Lord Hastings / Duchess of York / Murderer / Page
Lee McDonald Richard - Duke of Gloucester
Caitlin Morris-Cornfield Queen Margaret / Richard - Duke of York
Tyler Winn George - Duke of Clarence / Lord Stanley - Earl of Derby / Edward - Prince of Wales / Girl / Jane Shore

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Tatiana Jennings Director
Jenn Ferris Assistant Director
Micah Champagne Lighting Designer
Janine Diamanti Assistant Lighting Designer
Dylan Stavenjord Sound Designer
Richard Mojica Wardrobe Designer
Lisandro Gomez Choreographer
Tatiana Melnyk Choreographer


Adam Paolozza Producer
Byron Noble Technical Director
James Bitter Head of Lighting
Samantha Brown Wardrobe Crew
Meredith Hubbard Wardrobe Crew
Jenn Ferris Wardrobe Crew
Richard Mojica Wardrobe Crew
Rina Wilkins Front of House Manager
Dianne Weinrib Publicist
Jenny McCowan Public Relations Manager