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Romeo and Juliet ()

Produced by

Canopy Theatre Company

Presented by

Hart House Theatre

Playwright: William Shakespeare
Director: Andrea Wasserman


The Philosopher’s Stage


July 15th, 2009 – August 1st, 2009


Andrew Dundass Escalus, Prince of Verona
Paul Kit Mercutio, Kinsman to the Prince
Brad Ingham County Paris, Kinsman to the Prince
Peter Higginson Montague, Head of a Verona Family / The Apothecary
Dunya Djordjevic Lady Montague, His Wife
Tyrone Savage Romeo, Their Son
Andrew Knowlton Benvolio, Montague's Nephew
Jim Armstrong Abraham, Servant to the Montagues / Friar John
Tiago de Matos Balthasar, Servant to the Montagues
Rob Candy Capulet, Head of a Verona Family
Amy Elizabeth Lady Capulet, His Wife
Cosette Derome Juliet, his Daughter
Erick Fournier Tybalt, the Lady's Nephew
Emily Andrews Nurse, to Juliet
Brendan May Peter, Servant Tending to the Nurse
Borcé Petrovski Sampson, Servant to the Capulets
Graeme Gerrard Gregory, Servant to the Capulets
Darren Turner Paris' Page / Ensemble
Michael Atlin Ensemble
Aurora Herrera Ensemble
Kayla MacNeil Ensemble
Michela Sisti Ensemble

Creative Team

William Shakespeare Playwright
Andrea Wasserman Director
Susan Bond Dramaturge
Ming Wong Costume Designer
Dan Kurek Set Designer
Joshua Hind Lighting Designer
Matthew Gorman Assistant Director
Jeremy Hutton Fight Director
Ashleigh Powell Choreographer


Doug Floyd Producer
Evelyn Wiseman Associate Producer
Andrew MacLeod Technical Director
Dave Plowman Sound Editor
Erica Sibley Stage Manager
Jan Harvey Assistant Stage Manager
Christine Rentschler Property Master
Monika Dembowy Production Assistant
Stefano Gelmi Crew Chief
Frances Hikosaka Running Crew
Stephanie Long Running Crew
Aidan McTeague Running Crew