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Produced by

One Little Goat Theatre Company

Director: Adam Seelig


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


March 3rd, 2017 – March 12th, 2017


On February 7, 2010, Detective Sergeant Jim Smyth of the Ontario Provincial Police interviewed Colonel Russell Williams about his possible connection to multiple crimes, including two rape-murders, that had occurred in the Ottawa and Belleville areas close to the home and lakeside cottage Williams shared with his wife and their cat. Williams at the time commanded the Canadian Forces Base at Trenton, the busiest air base in the country (located near Belleville, about 175km east of Toronto). This was the first, and would end up being the only, time he was called in for questioning. After more than four and a half hours of careful interrogation punctuated by long waits and silences, Williams confessed, going on to describe his crimes in matter-of-fact detail. The entire session of nearly seven and a half hours was videoed and transcribed by the O.P.P. and, after some heavy redactions, posted and published. “It was an excellent piece of police work on behalf of Jim Smyth who conducted this interview — one of the best interviews I’ve ever seen” is how Smyth’s superior described it. “It’s a smart man, outsmarted by a smarter man.” (


Deborah Drakeford Performer
Kim Nelson Performer

Creative Team

Adam Seelig Director
Jackie Chau Set Designer
Jackie Chau Costume Designer
Laird Macdonald Lighting Designer
Tyler Emond Sound Designer


Lynette Gillis Live Drums


Robin Munro Stage Manager
Hana El Niwairi Assistant Producer


Christopher Ross Backspace Technician