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Sanctuary Song ()

Produced by

Tapestry Opera and Theatre Direct

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Librettist: Marjorie Chan
Composer: Abigail Richardson
Director: Lynda Hill


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


June 7th, 2008 – June 14th, 2008


This opera took audiences on a journey through the life of an old circus elephant, from her early years in Southeast Asia to her years of captivity in a circus, and finally to her eventual happy ending at an elephant sanctuary.

Poached by hunters, Sydney is sold to an American circus to be trained as a dancing elephant. Her faithful zookeeper, James, hears Sydney’s memories of her happy life of freedom and her cherished friend Penny. James vows to set Sydney free before she dies.

Soaring voices, vivid movement, and heartfelt performances — along with a live ensemble and beautiful costumes, set, and lighting — made Sanctuary Song unforgettable. (


Xin Wang Sydney, An Old Asian Elephant
Alvin Crawford James, A Zoo Keeper
Sharmila Dey Penny, Sydney's Childhood Friend / A Girl at the Circus
Frank Cox-O’Connell Hunter / Circus Owner / A Sanctuary Worker

Creative Team

Marjorie Chan Librettist
Abigail Richardson Composer
Lynda Hill Director
Wayne Strongman Music Director
Susan Suchard Assistant Music Director
Kelly Wolf Original Set Design
Kelly Wolf Original Costume Design
Andrea Lundy Original Lighting Design
Luisa Quintavalle Original Video Design
Viv Moore Choreographer


Wayne Strongman Conductor
Susan Suchard Assistant Conductor
Michael Schulte Violin
Lizzie Lavado Piano
Ryan Scott Percussion


Kathryn Westoll Stage Manager
Nicola Benidickson Apprentice Stage Manager
Clarissa DeYoung Producer
Susan Worthington Producer
Caroline Hollway Production Manager
Melanie McNeill Props Coordinator
Melanie McNeill Costume Coordinator
Phil Clemo Video Consultant
Jaime-Lyn Thorne Cutter
Chlöe Anderson Tailor
Bob Lomow Set Painter
Marlo Alcock Surtitles
Lee Alcock Surtitles
Jessi Linn Davies Education Consultant & Study Guide
Amber Ebert Outreach & Education Programming
Kim Blackwell Media Relations
Anna Mathew Marketing and Communications
Blair Francey Additional Graphic Design Support
John Lauener Production Photography
Peter Hitchcock Videographer
Benjamin Rankin Website


Eric Meadows Senior Head Technician
James Oberson Technician