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Savage in Limbo ()

Produced by

Bob Kills Theatre

Playwright: John Patrick Shanley
Director: Sarah Kitz


October 22nd, 2013 – November 7th, 2013


A virgin, a failed nun and an over-ripe Italian girl walk into a bar in John Patrick Shanley’s Savage in Limbo. ¬†As the cold weather creeps into the city, and Torontonians settle in for hibernation, the savages head to the bar in search of love, sex and a way out.



Tim Walker Performer
Caitlin Driscoll Performer
Diana Bentley Performer
Melissa D’Agostino Performer
Nicholas Abraham Performer

Creative Team

John Patrick Shanley Playwright
Sarah Kitz Director
Jenna McCutchen Set Designer
Jenna McCutchen Costume Designer
Kaileigh Krysztofiak Lighting Designer
Monica Dottor Choreographer


Matt Campagna Graphic Designer
Matt Campagna Film