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Scadding ()

Produced by

Common Boots Theatre

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Creator: Jennifer Brewin and Alex Bulmer and Leah Cherniak and Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah and John Gzowski and Maggie Huculak and Anand Rajaram and Jenny Salisbury and Stephon Smith
Director: Jennifer Brewin and Alex Bulmer
Playwrights: Maggie Gallagher and Anand Rajaram and Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah and Jennifer Brewin and Jenny Salisbury and Stephon Smith


Scadding Court Community Centre


July 5th, 2019 – July 14th, 2019


Grab your headphones and favourite pair of shoes for this walkabout audio play. Produced with binaural audio recording, including sound effects and music, 5 mini plays bring to life the hidden, hilarious life of Scadding Court. This immersive audio experience bursts open the box of radio drama, bringing you right to where the story happens. Armed with a map and some helpful guides, find your own play while exploring the world of Queen and Bathurst. (


Jennifer Brewin Performer
Alex Bulmer Performer
Leah Cherniak Performer
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah Performer
John Gzowski Performer
Maggie Huculak Performer
Anand Rajaram Performer
Jenny Salisbury Performer
Stephon Smith Performer

Creative Team

Jennifer Brewin Creator
Alex Bulmer Creator
Leah Cherniak Creator
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah Creator
John Gzowski Creator
Maggie Huculak Creator
Anand Rajaram Creator
Jenny Salisbury Creator
Stephon Smith Creator
Jennifer Brewin Director
Alex Bulmer Director
Maggie Gallagher Playwright ("The Best Season")
Anand Rajaram Playwright ("A Shadowy Life")
Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah Playwright ("No Comply")
Jennifer Brewin Playwright ("Intersections")
Jenny Salisbury Playwright ("Dignity")
Stephon Smith Playwright ("Kamilah")
John Gzowski Sound Designer
Alex Bulmer Dramaturge
Leah Cherniak Dramaturge


Fiona Jones Workshop Stage Manager