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Searching the Painted Sky ()

Produced by

Native Earth Performing Arts

Presented by

The Youth Opera of El Paso

Director: Dr. Christopher Meerdink
Composer: Martha Hill Duncan
Book: Janet Windeler Ryan
Librettist: Janet Windeler Ryan


Aki Studio


July 31st, 2015 (one night only)


Searching the Painted Sky is the story of two sisters, Leda, an older teenager, and Lulu, a young girl, who have lost their mother to illness and are now living in poverty with their father. Although their laid back dad loves his kids, he is not always the greatest at providing them necessities. After a run-in with an exotic fortune teller, Leda’s life takes a turn into fantasy, complete with strange, funny and fantastical characters. (


Chelsea Dobbin Rosie, cafe owner
Victoria Loustaunau Rosie, cafe owner
Jessica Bartlett Flora, flower vendor / Ellegee, the Grande Dame of the Island
Marina Rascon Flora, flower vendor / Ellegee, the Grande Dame of the Island
Sophia Spier Lulu, Leda's younger sister
Austin Nakamoto Jack, Leda & Lulu's Dad
Humberto Sandoval Jack, Leda & Lulu's Dad
Celeste Hernandez Leda, a teenage girl
Julia Annabi Leda, a teenage girl
Paul Bernhard Jamie, Leda's life-long friend
Nicholas Smith Jamie, Leda's life-long friend
Jocelyn Elena Stout Tom, the quirky fortune teller
Bryan Bennett Snort the Crab
Dawsen Rystad Three Four
Bella Duke Five Six
Erik Orozco Seven Eight
Nathan Thompson Nine Ten
Hailey Herrera Nine Ten
Jessica Dorsey Townspeople
Michele Caro Townspeople

Creative Team

Martha Hill Duncan Composer
Janet Windeler Ryan Book
Janet Windeler Ryan Librettist
Jasmine Luna Assistant Director
Jasmine Luna Choreographer
Kimberley Wolfenbarger-Nakamoto Music Director
Navid Amini Lighting Designer
Don Cieslik Projection Designer


Martha Hill Duncan Conductor
Vanessa Johnson Rehearsal Accompianist
Emily McPherson Collaborative Pianist


Dr. Christopher Meerdink Stage Director
Navid Amini Head Technician
Kimberley Wolfenbarger-Nakamoto Stage Manager
David Nakamoto Tour Manager
Susan Griesdale Print Media Designer