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Secrets of a Black Boy ()

Produced by

Trey Anthony Studios

Playwright: Darren Anthony
Director: Kimahli Powell


The Danforth Music Hall


September 23rd, 2009 – October 3rd, 2009


“You really want to know what a Black man is thinking? Well the secret is out!” The male response to ‘da Kink in my Hair gives a thought-provoking look into the lives of black men. Secrets Of a Black Boy is a theatrical productions that takes place in modern day Toronto, Ontario. It is a current and very urgent story outlining the displacement of families in Regent Park. Four friends gather around a community centre about to be torn down, as they feel the need to say their goodbye one last time to the place they all called home for so long. While they are gathering they reminisce about what the community center means to them and the play becomes a much more urgent commentary about both the disintegration of Regent Park and the lives of the young men most affected by it.

Secrets Of a Black Boy is a gritty, uncensored look at the lives of black men. No subject is taboo from interracial dating, commitment phobia, gun violence, sexuality, and love. Every stereotype of black men will be critically examined and explored, subsequently, giving audiences a fresh, new and authentic experience. (


Darren Anthony Jerome
Samson Brown Biscuit
Shomari Downer Sean
Eli Goree Jakes
Al St. Louis Sheldon
DJ O-Nonymous DJ

Creative Team

Darren Anthony Playwright
Kimahli Powell Director
Trey Anthony Dramaturge
Glenn Davidson Set Designer
Glenn Davidson Lighting Designer
Gavin Bradley Sound Designer
Aramenta Mileski Assistant Director


Gavin Bradley Composer


Trey Anthony Producer
Aramenta Mileski Assistant Stage Manager
Shauna Japp Stage Manager
Glenn Davidson Production Manager
Sean Brown Stylist
Courtney Eastman Stylist
David Hoekstra Property Master
David Hoekstra Set Construction
Simon Rainville Graffiti Artist
Krystle Laing Associate Producer
Krystle Laing Project Coordinator
Aramenta Mileski Graphic Designer
Marc Lostracco Photographer