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Secrets Red ()

Produced by

Spiel Players Theatre Collective

Director: Lisa Hamalainen and Heidi Lynch
Playwrights: Lisa Hamalainen and Heidi Lynch


The Cameron House – Back Room


December 15th, 2010 – December 17th, 2010


SECRETS RED is a two-women, multilingual, one act play about national identity, secrets and otherness, co-written by Lisa Hamalainen and Heidi Lynch. The play is a dark comedy exploring the difficulties of holding onto the culture of your homeland while integrating into a new country. It tells the story of a young Russian woman’s struggle for survival in unfamiliar territory (1945 war-time Germany), unraveling how she befriends the enemy, her German neighbor, during one of the most horrific times in history.  Our workshop production of this developing script was multimedia, incorporating three languages (including German and Russian) with projected subtitles, projections and an original live soundscape. (


Lisa Hamalainen Liza
Heidi Lynch Marta
David Baker Father
Steve Ward German Soldier
Nate Lyons Fisher Russian Soldier

Creative Team

Lisa Hamalainen Director
Heidi Lynch Director
Lisa Hamalainen Playwright
Heidi Lynch Playwright
Chelsea Ferrando Choreographer


Steve Ward Trombone
Nate Lyons Fisher Guitar / Synth


Sarah Goldhan German Coach
Galina Yeverovich Russian Coach