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Shakespeare By Any Other Name ()

Produced by

Dauntless City Theatre

Presented by

St. Lawrence Market Neighbourhood BIA

Playwright: Vijay Padaki
Director: Joey O’Dael


St. James Park


August 4th, 2023 – August 27th, 2023


Shakespeare By Any Other Name is to a traditional Shakespeare play what The Harlem Globetrotters is to basketball. It is an opportunity to radically invite the audience into their favourite parts of Shakespeare, while being taken on a fast-paced adventure about what Shakespeare means. This presentation will enliven the park and include spectators like never before – on a practical level, as key scenes, everyone dreams of performing are brought to life – the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet and Caesar’s death “Et tu, Brute?” from Julius Caesar.

This play, told through the perspectives of two young women, morphing between Elizabethan noblewomen to Richard III and his horse to Lady Macbeth, and always the audience’s enthusiastic guides, makes the case that Shakespeare belongs to the people. (


Tallan Alexander One
Chi-Chi Onuah Two
Andrea Lyons Understudy

Creative Team

Vijay Padaki Playwright
Joey O’Dael Director
Kate Werneburg Dramaturge


Stevie Baker Head of Production
Stevie Baker Head of Costumes
JR Williams Associate Producer
Katherine Hunter Stage Manager
Jacob Howard Assistant Stage Manager