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Speaking in Tongues ()

Produced by

Canadian Stage and The Company Theatre

Playwright: Andrew Bovell
Director: Philip Riccio


The Berkeley Street Theatre – Marilyn and Charles Baillie Theatre


October 29th, 2012 – November 24th, 2012


When a woman goes missing, four marriages fall into a mess of sex, lies, and neglect. Through it all, each couple desperately searches for fulfillment and the line between right and wrong becomes dangerously blurred. Speaking in Tongues is a thrilling play fresh from Australia; a multi-faceted adventure that reveals the darker side of human nature. (


Richard Clarkin Peter / Neil / John
Jonathan Goad Leon / Nick
Helene Joy Jane / Sarah
Yanna McIntosh Sonja / Valerie

Creative Team

Andrew Bovell Playwright
Philip Riccio Director
Kate Fraser Associate Costume Designer
Jillian Harper Assistant Director
Kate Hilliard Choreographer
Michael Laird Sound Designer
John Stead Fight Director
John Thompson Set Designer
John Thompson Costume Designer
John Thompson Lighting Designer


Laura Baxter Assistant Stage Manager
Kate Fraser Head of Wardrobe
Doug Morum Production Manager
Doug Morum Technical Director
Michael Sinclair Stage Manager