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Stepping Out ()

Produced by

Alumnae Theatre Company

Playwright: Richard Harris
Director: Brenda Darling


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


January 22nd, 2016 – February 6th, 2016


At a weekly tap dance class with a vivacious ex-pro and her vegetarian pianist, eight mismatched strangers joyfully exchange their hum-drum lives for “tap, step, ball change, cramp roll… pick up your feet”. Secrets tumble out. Conflicts arise. Friendships grow. Everyone is changed. And they dance…. (


Mish Tam Lynne
Kay Randewich Dorothy
Jessica Westermann Mrs. Fraser
Lisa Kovack Maxine
Rebecca Grenier Andy
Linette Doherty Rose
Felicia Simone Sylvia
Scott Turner Geoffrey
Alyssa Quart Cartlidge Vera

Creative Team

Richard Harris Playwright
Brenda Darling Director
Alyssa Martin Choreographer
Doug Payne Set Designer
Bill Scott Lighting Designer
Bec Brownstone Costume Designer
Liz Best Assistant Director
Jessica Westermann Act I Chroegrapher


Liz Currie Stage Manager
Sandra Burley Dance Coach
Jessica Westermann Dance Captain
Lisa Polivka Script Researcher
Elizabeth Verwey Producer
Sandra Burley Associate Producer
Doug Payne Lead Carpenter
Mike McEwan Right Hand
Simon Mancouscous Carpenter
Fraser Schouton-Pace Carpenter
Brent Constantineau Assistant Carpenter
Moe Sullivan Assistant Carpenter
Sandra Burley Set Painter
Michelle Moy Set Painter
Morgan Hultquist Lighting Hang
Rick Sutton Lighting Operator
Gabrielle D’Angelo Sound Research
Rick Jones Sound Assembly
Liz Best Costume Manager
Marsha McLean Costume Manager
Razie Brownstone Props Team
Glara Han Props Team
Marinka Yossefon Props Team
Hazel Anderson Props Assistant
Marsha McLean Props Assistant
Sandra Schneider Props Assistant
Hazel Anderson Dresser
Marsha McLean Dresser
Sandra Schneider Dresser
Shobha Oza Audition Co-ordinator
Shobha Oza Audition Host
Lisa Polivka Audition Host
Sandra Burley Lobby Display
Pat Hawk Front of House Manager
Krystyna Hunt Reservations Manager
Shelley Cahill Bar Manager
Bev Atkinson Catering Team
Razie Brownstone Catering Team
Joan Harvey Catering Team
Sandra Schneider Catering Team
Dale Stewart Catering Team
Chloe Whitehorn Marketing Director
Suzanne Courtney Image Design
Nicholas Porteous Videographer
Tina McCulloch Social Media
Carina Cojeen Audience Development


Brenda Darling ATC Executive Producer