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Still Life ()

Produced by

lemonTree Creations

Creators: Cole Alvis and Andrew Aquino and Indrit Kasapi and Jonathan Seinen and Alisha Stranges


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


August 5th, 2011 – August 14th, 2011


Through the lens of a gay bashing, STILL LIFE explores how friends and strangers are connected by a night shared at a hospital. Time is fluid in the play with the past existing alongside the present. As Matt and Steven struggle to keep their relationship afloat, Andrew offers Steven an escape from the norm while Sarah, the only witness to the incident, puts the puzzle pieces together. A night out turns into a confrontation with the truth and thus, the four characters reveal the joys and struggles of being queer in a Toronto, today.  (Still Life Indiegogo Page)


Cole Alvis Andrew
Andrew Aquino Steven
Indrit Kasapi Matt
Alisha Stranges Sarah

Creative Team

Cole Alvis Creator
Andrew Aquino Creator
Indrit Kasapi Creator
Jonathan Seinen Creator
Alisha Stranges Creator
Jonathan Seinen Director
Spencer Charles Smith Dramaturge
Michelle Ramsay Lighting Designer


Spencer Charles Smith Stage Manager
Brian Telzerow Promotional Photography
Cole Alvis Producer
Indrit Kasapi Producer
Jonathan Seinen Producer