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Stories By Alice Munro: The Office & Dolly ()

Produced by

Word for Word

Presented by

Sara Schwartz Geller Productions

Director: Joel Mullenix


Isabel Bader Theatre


April 16th, 2015 – April 19th, 2015


In “The Office” a young housewife is convinced that an office of one’s own is what she needs to be a real writer–but when she finds the perfect place, her landlord presents an unexpected and surprising obstacle; in “Dolly”, our protagonist is confident that she and her husband have the enduring love of late life—until Franklin’s old flame, Gwen, pops up. From Munro’s first short story collection to her most recent, these two stories showcase the irony, humor, and surprise found in Munro’s heroines. (Word for Word)


Sheila Balter Ensemble/The Woman
Jeri Lynn Cohen The Woman/Ensemble
Susan Harloe Mrs. Malley/Gwen
Paul Finocchiaro Mr. Malley/Ensemble
Howard Swain The Husband/Franklin

Creative Team

Alice Munro Writer
Joel Mullenix Director
Jacquelyn Scott Scenic Designer
Jacquelyn Scott Prop Designer
Jim Cave Lighting Designer
Cliff Caruthers Sound Designer
Cassandra Carpenter Costume Designer
Andrea Weber Movement


David A. Young Stage Manager
Jimmy Walden Production Manager
Dave Gardner Technical Director
Mark Leialoha Photography