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Swan ()

Produced by

Filament Incubator and Little Black Afro Theatre Company

Playwright: Aaron Jan
Director: Aaron Jan


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


November 4th, 2016 – November 13th, 2016


Gruesome, spine-tingling, and unrelenting, Swan follows a group of young queer women as they piece together a vicious, disturbing episode from their school days 10 years ago. What starts as a reluctant club reunion becomes a frenzied attempt to wake up from a nightmarish revisiting of the past. Performed in episodic, storytelling vignettes, Swan explores the idea of growing up coloured in a predominantly white neighbourhood, the journey of discovering home as the second generation children of immigrants, and how the feeling of cultural inferiority can twist people into suburban monsters. (


Michelle Chiu Bill
Isabel Kanaan Rachel
Bria McLaughlin Joey
Marina Moreira Jenna Lynn
Christine Nguyen Piper
Angela Sun Ron

Creative Team

Aaron Jan Playwright
Aaron Jan Director
Lucy Powis Dramaturge
Aram Heydarian Set Designer
Aram Heydarian Costume Designer
Samuel Chang Lighting Designer
Kevin Feliciano Sound Designer


Logan Cracknell Stage Manager
Cole Vincent Production Manager
Steph Raposo Technical Director
Liam Barstow Assistant Technical Director
Andrew Pieroni Promotional Videographer
Jordan Laffrenier Promotional Photographer
Cesar Ghisilieri Production Photographer
Erika Madsen Graphic Designer
Luke Reece Producer
Dylan On Producer