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Table 7 – A Plays in Cafes Creation ()

Produced by

Shadowpath Theatre Productions

Presented by

The Toronto Fringe Festival

Playwright: Chantal Forde
Director: Mandy Roveda


Paintbox Bistro


July 4th, 2019 – July 13th, 2019


Two different worlds collide in a busy Regent Park cafe and the altercation is layered with troubling undercurrents.
When do you step into the middle of an unnerving situation? How do you know if what you think you saw is the truth? Every reality is skewed by the personal lens that we look through.
Come witness the event and see what side of the table you’re on. (


Julia Beaulieu Rosie
Kaila Hunte Tali
Alexandrine M’Banga Carla
Violet Mount Diana
Tea Nguyen Manager

Creative Team

Chantal Forde Playwright
Mandy Roveda Director
Michelle Lewis Intimacy Coordinator
Michelle Lewis Violence Coordinator


Alene Degian Producer
Maissa Bessada Producer
Tim Cadeny Graphic Designer
Tim Cadeny Photography