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Tell Me Another ()

Produced by

Blackcurrant Productions

Director: Graham Porter
Playwright: Kathy Bischoping
Adapter: Graham Porter


Bread and Circus


July 30th, 2009 – August 1st, 2009


a trilogy of fables, old, Grimm, and new.
Eschewing dialogue for dance, Red sheds new light and scads of blood on a beloved girl-meets-wolf story.  
The Juniper Tree, a sadly-overlooked Grimm’s fable of cannibalism and payback, is presented as a Depression-era ballad.
In the puppet story Fox and Girl, a modern father’s imagination mashes centuries of fairytale symbols. (


Meaghan Giusti Dancer (Red - July 30)
Roopa Cheema Dancer (Red - July 31, August 1)
Graham Porter Performer (Red / The Juniper Tree)
Michael Scott Performer (Fox and Girl)

Creative Team

Graham Porter Director
Kathy Bischoping Playwright (Fox and Girl)
Graham Porter Adapter (Red / The Juniper Tree)
Kathy Bischoping Set Designer
Kathy Bischoping Costume Designer
Marie Gravelle Lighting Designer
Graham Porter Composer (Red / The Juniper Tree)
Roopa Cheema Choreographer


Christine Pellerin Stage Manager
Kathy Bischoping Production Manager
Roopa Cheema Production Manager
Roopa Cheema Photography
Kathy Bischoping Graphic Designer