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The Angry Brigade ()

Produced by

Elevated State

Playwright: James Graham


Bob Nasmith Innovation Backspace


November 24th, 2016 – December 4th, 2016


London, 1970. A group of young anarchists mobilise to shake the very foundations of a class-divided Britain. Scotland Yard scrambles to form a team capable of hunting down the home-grown terrorists and bringing them to justice. (Show Facebook Event)


Matt Dawson The Commander / Morris / The Prophet / The Snitch / The Manager / Jim Greenfield
Cam Sedgwick Smith / John Barker
Lauren Saunders The Girl / Hilary Creek
Andrea Creighton Henderson / Anna Mendelson

Creative Team

James Graham Playwright
Eda Holmes Director (Act 1)
Kate Lynch Director (Act 2)
Christopher Rayment Lighting Designer
Christopher Rayment Set Designer
Ross Hammond Sound Designer
Cameron Davis Projection Designer
Simon Fon Fight Director


Julie Foster Stage Manager
Lauren Saunders Dialect Coach
Bekky O’Neil Scenic Painter
Bruno Mitri Set Builder
Paul Dawson Set Builder
Mike Dawson Set Painter
Andrea Creighton Producer
Matt Dawson Producer


Christopher Ross Venue Technician