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The Assembly: Episode 1 ()

Produced by

Crow’s Theatre and Porte Parole

Playwrights: Alex Ivanovici and Annabel Soutar and Brett Watson
Director: Chris Abraham


Streetcar Crowsnest – The Scotiabank Community Studio


October 25th, 2018 – November 3rd, 2018


Playwright Annabel Soutar teams up with co-authors Alex Ivanovici and Brett Watson, and director Chris Abraham, to create a thrilling theatrical response to the rise of extremism and tribalism in political discourse today. Since 2017, the play’s creative team has been curating and recording encounters in which four Canadians of wildly different ideological leanings face off and collectively confront the issues that most divide them. This new serialized documentary project premieres in Toronto with Episode 1. (


Jimmy Blais Performer
Sean Colby Performer
Alex Ivanovici Performer
Tanja Jacobs Performer
Ngozi Paul Performer
Brett Watson Performer

Creative Team

Alex Ivanovici Playwright
Annabel Soutar Playwright
Brett Watson Playwright
Chris Abraham Director
Marie Farsi Assistant Director
Luc Prairie Lighting Designer
Antoine Bédard Sound Designer
Simon Guilbault Set Designer


Danielle Skene Stage Manager
Guillaume Arseneault Video Technician
Amelia Scott Video Technician
Dominique Coughlin Head of Wardrobe


Wes Babcock Studio House Technician
Gerry Egan Production Manager
Normand Vincent Technical Director