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The Boy with Tape on his Face ()

Produced by

Gag Reflex Ltd

Presented by

Seabright Productions and Potted Productions and Mirvish Productions

Playwright: Sam Wills

Presented as part of a double bill with Julie Madly Deeply


CAA Theatre


October 1st, 2014 – October 19th, 2014


The Boy with Tape on His Face, an unusual show which is exactly what the title states. The Boy is Sam Wills, an award-winning comedian from New Zealand. He has a wide piece of duct tape across his mouth. In ingeniously expressive silent nods, looks and gestures he is able to communicate what words could never say. From an ordinary cardboard box or ordinary objects, the Boy creates the extraordinary, conjuring up moods, stories, actions and universal truths. It is a performance that cannot really be described; it has to be experienced. (


Sam Wills Performer

Creative Team

Sam Wills Playwright
Tim Mascall Lighting Designer


Lee Martin Performer Management


Wade Sheedy Head Technician