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The Children’s Crusade ()

Produced by

Soundstreams Canada and The Luminato Festival

Composer: R. Murray Schafer
Director: Tim Albery


153 Dufferin St


June 8th, 2009 – June 11th, 2009


Based on an extraordinary episode in 13th-century France, when thousands of children and young people were persuaded to embark on an ill-fated expedition to the Holy Land, The Children’s Crusade tells a tragic, yet inspiring story of purity, innocence and passion pitted against cynicism and cruelty. (


Jacob Abrahamse The Holy Child
Anders Adin Hurdy Gurdy
Wallis Giunta King's Mistress
Katherine Hill Nyckelharpa
Scott Belluz Damian
George Sawa Qanun
Christopher Sawchyn Doctor Grosstête / Iron Hugh
Diego Matamoros Magus / King Phillip of France / Moloch / William Porcus
Maryem Tollar Ariana
David Houle Page / David
Sonya Gosse The Old Hag
Andrya Duff Flower Angel / Virgin
Allison Cecilia Arends Angel
Margaret Bárdos Angel / Royal Lady / Witch
Allison Angelo Angel / Royal Lady / Witch
Joanne Chaplin Angel / Royal Lady / Witch
Loralie Kirkpatrick Angel / Royal Lady / Witch
Coleen Renihan Angel / Royal Lady / Witch
Matthew Cassils Courtier
Joseph Angelo Courtier
Charles Davidson Courtier
Vasil Garvanliev Courtier
Lawrence Cotton Courtier
Cian Horrobin Courtier
Andrew Love Courtier
Derrick Paul Miller Courtier
Danielle Buonaiuto People's Choir
Bree Callahan People's Choir
Elaine Choi People's Choir
Grace Lee People's Choir
Claudia Lemcke People's Choir
Christopher E. MacDonald People's Choir
Lynn McMurray People's Choir
Charlotte Mundy People's Choir
Meher Pavri People's Choir
David Ross People's Choir
Petula Perdikoulias People's Choir
Rob Teehan People's Choir
Emily Wall People's Choir
Gillian Grossman People's Choir
Jeffrey R. Smith Performer
Alex Mathews Understudy for The Holy Child

Creative Team

R. Murray Schafer Composer
Tim Albery Director
Rebecca Hope Terry Choreographer
Leslie Travers Set Designer
Leslie Travers Costume Designer
Thomas C. Hase Lighting Designer
Jason Hand Associate Lighting Designer
Anna Treusch Assistant Set Designer
Birgit Schreyer Duarte Assistant Director


David Fallis Conductor
James Bourne Assistant Conductor
Janet Anderson Horn
Ian Cowie Trombone
Stuart Laughton Trumpet
Anita McAlister Trumpet
Neal Evans Bass / Musical Saw
Scott Irvine Tuba
Paul Jenkins Organ / Celeste
Terry McKenna Lute / Bouzouki
Liza McLellan Cello
Alison Melville Recorder
Ed Reifel Percussion
Ryan Scott Percussion
Daniel Morphy Percussion
Jennifer Taverner Soprano
Christopher Dawes Rehearsal Accompanist


Louise Currie Stage Manager
Julia Rannala Assistant Stage Manager
Nan Shepherd Assistant Stage Manager
Natasha Bean-Smith Apprentice Stage Manager
Sam Joyce Apprentice Stage Manager
Caroline Hollway Production Manager
Adriana Kraevska Assistant Production Manager
Ming Wong Wardrobe Supervisor