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The Corpse Bride ()

Produced by

George Brown Theatre and Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company and The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre and The Young Centre for the Performing Arts and Theatre PANIK

Playwright: Niki Landau
Director: Paul Lampert


The Michael Young Theatre


June 4th, 2010


A darkly comedic Canadian interpretation of the famous Yiddish folktale that follows a young bridegroom, who, on the way to his bride’s village, accidentally weds a corpse bride. Presented as a movement piece, Theatre PANIK reclaims the tale through Yiddish theatrical tradition using rhetorical gestures and a silent film style mixed with projections displaying text, environment and scenery. Characters are colourful and whimsical, setting the tone of the performance. (


Jennifer Balen Gumpcha / Others
Nathan Carroll Gumpcha's Brother / Others
Colin A. Doyle Lavi / Others
Fraser Elsdon Gumpcha's Other Brother / Others
Patrick Foran Rabbi / Others
Justin Goodhand Shmuel / Others
Richard Greenblatt Velvel Grodsky / Chaim / Others
Evelyn Hart The Grieving Mother / Others
Carys Lewis Freyde / Others
Alexandra Manea Fruma / Others
Sarah Orenstein Sheina Feiga / Others
Andy Trithardt Pinkel / Others
William Vickers Gumpcha's Father / Others
Candice Woloshyn The Corpse Bride / Others

Creative Team

Niki Landau Playwright
Paul Lampert Director
Robert Levine Assistant Director
Teresa Przybylski Set Designer
Teresa Przybylski Costume Designer
Kevin Lamotte Lighting Designer
John Gzowski Composer
John Gzowski Sound Designer
Cameron Davis Videography


John Gzowski Guitar
Andrew Downing Bass
Marilyn Lerner Accordian
Jeffrey Wilson Drums


Louise Currie Stage Manager
Doug Morum Production Manager
David Hoekstra Properties Manager
Nellwyn Lampert Production Assistant


Pascale Thibodeau House Technician