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Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

Co-Artistic Director: David Eisner

Co-Artistic Director: Avery Saltzman

At the Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company we embrace and celebrate the Jewish story – stories about our history, stories about our beliefs, stories about our struggles and triumphs.

These stories have been 5,000 years in the making; they have universal application. These stories have to be told and need to be seen.

It is our responsibility and privilege to share them with the world. (


Produced by Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

Brighton Beach Memoirs May 22nd, 2018 – June 10th, 2018
The Jazz Singer May 23rd, 2017 – June 18th, 2017
The Immigrant: A Musical October 31st, 2015 – November 22nd, 2015
Driving Miss Daisy May 30th, 2015 – June 21st, 2015
New Jerusalem March 15th, 2014 – April 13th, 2014
Falsettos April 23rd, 2013 – May 12th, 2013
The Whipping Man March 21st, 2013 – April 14th, 2013
Lost in Yonkers May 12th, 2012 – June 10th, 2012
Visiting Mr. Green January 28th, 2012 – February 18th, 2012
The Children’s Republic November 16th, 2011 – December 18th, 2011
Lenin’s Embalmers October 31st, 2010 – November 21st, 2010
The Corpse Bride June 4th, 2010
Talk March 4th, 2010 – March 20th, 2010
Sholom Aleichem: Laughter Through Tears October 13th, 2009 – October 18th, 2009
Zisele June 5th, 2009 – June 13th, 2009
Tuesdays with Morrie May 8th, 2009 – May 30th, 2009
The Sisters Rosensweig June 12th, 2008 – June 21st, 2008

Presented by Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

Zero Hour March 26th, 2011 – April 16th, 2011

Current Staff

David Eisner Co-Artistic Director
Avery Saltzman Co-Artistic Director