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Zisele ()

Produced by

Beit Lessin Theatre and Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

Presented by

The Luminato Festival

Director: Moria Zrachia
Choreographer: Moria Zrachia


Jane Mallett Theatre


June 5th, 2009 – June 13th, 2009


A comic performance by the Beit Lessin theatre of Tel Aviv based on dance where without words but with the directness of the music the relationship between a mother and daughter unfolds having as a background Israel’s contemporary history. (


Keren Shinuk Performer
Hagar Shomer Performer
Ravit Yaakov Performer
Matan Zrachia Performer
Dikla Hadar Performer
Noam Katz Performer
Kineret Limoni Performer
Einat Segal-Cohen Performer
Michal Shay Performer

Creative Team

Moria Zrachia Director
Moria Zrachia Choreographer
Maya Peleg Set Designer
Moria Zrachia Costume Designer
Neta Blumental Costume Designer
Hadas Luz Lighting Designer


Barry Sisters Music
Chava Alberstein Music


Tomer Cohen Tour Manager
Allan Pitluk Stage Manager
Dolev Tsigel Lighting Supervisor
Grigory Ribenzam Lighting Technician
Kendra Fry Sound Technician
Ray Salverda Production Manager
Mary Spyrakis Props Builder
William Sovie Props Builder
Shelley McCafferty Props Builder
Felix Ribenzam Lighting Technician
Felix Ribenzam Sound Technician
Mary Spyrakis Set Builder
William Sovie Set Builder
Shelley McCafferty Set Builder
Clyde Wagner General Manager
Melissa Girotti Company Manager
Mitchell Marcus Associate Producer
Bob Mitchell Production Manager
Alison Neale Production Coordinator
Julian Sleath Production Manager


James Roe General Manager
Sean Tasson Production Manager
Heather Lacey Production Coordinator
Jennifer Murphy Head Technician
Frank Erhardt Assistant Carpenter
Tim Flawn Assistant Electrician
Keijo Makela Sound Operator
Douglas Parker Property Master
Reg Taylor Head Carpenter