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The Jazz Singer ()

Produced by

Dancap Productions Inc. and Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company

Playwright: Michael Ross Albert
Director: Tim French


Meridian Arts Centre – Greenwin Theatre


May 23rd, 2017 – June 18th, 2017


The classic show business story of a son’s struggle between his passion for a Broadway career, and his father’s plans to have him follow in his footsteps as a cantor. This dynamic production features musical numbers by legendary composers and such classic songs as “Let Me Sing and I’m Happy,” “Mammy,” “Sonny Boy,” and You Made Me Love You.” Based on Samson Raphaelson’s 1925 Broadway play and adapted specifically for our audience, this classic story is brought to life in a toe-tapping experience you will never forget. (


Patrick Cook Jack Robin
Kaylee Harwood Mary Dale
Theresa Tova Sara Rabinowitz
Victor A. Young Cantor Yoselle Rabinowtz
Aaron Ferguson Randolph Dillings
W. Joseph Matheson Harry Lee
Jivaro Smith Oscar Davis
Luke Opdahl Ensemble
Adriana Crivici Ensemble
Ryan Gifford Ensemble
Victoria Whistance-Smith Ensemble

Creative Team

Michael Ross Albert Playwright
Tim French Director
Tim French Dramaturge
Ryan Gifford Assistant Choreographer
Tim French Choreographer
Mark Camilleri Music Director
Mark Camilleri Orchestrations
Mark Camilleri Music Arrangements
Robin Fisher Set Designer
Siobhán Sleath Lighting Designer
Alex Amini Costume Designer
Emily Porter Sound Designer


Mark Camilleri Piano
Mark Camilleri Conductor
Peter Bleakney Bass
Kevan McKenzie Drums
William Carn Trombone
Pol Coussée Tenor Saxophone / Clarinet
David Dunlop Trumpet


Laurie Merredew Stage Manager
Alice Barnett Assistant Stage Manager
James McKernan Production Stage Manager
James McKernan Head Carpenter
Blair Larmon Assistant Production Manager
Samantha Brown Head Painter
Adrienne Deeley Head of Properties
Adrienne Deeley Head of Wardrobe