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The Dialogues of Leopold & Loeb ()

Produced by

Labyrinthus Mundi Productions

Playwright: Brad Walton
Director: Nina Kaye


Alumnae Mainspace Theatre


April 13th, 2016 – April 17th, 2016


Some people should never meet. This was the case with Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb. As individuals they were courteous and cultured teenage prodigies. As a couple they were cold-blooded killers. In 1924 they shocked crime-jaded Chicago with an act as ruthless in its brutality as it was bewildering in its lack of motive. ​They were fused together in an intense and volatile relationship. Shared guilt and mutual need reinforced the bond. Even their own attempts to dissolve their friendship ended in failure as they found themselves joined on a trajectory of murder and self-destruction. (


Tom Beattie Nathan Leopold
Alex Clay Richard Loeb

Creative Team

Brad Walton Playwright
Nina Kaye Director
Waylen Miki Music