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The Fort at York ()

Produced by

Crate Productions

Directors: Tara Beagan and Chris Reynolds

Written by Tara Beagan with the company


Fort York National Historic Site


September 20th, 2007 – October 13th, 2007


An epic site-specific adventure that dives deep into the history of Toronto, exploring one critical night before our city became a city. (




Cole Alvis Private Wicks
Tara Beagan Guide / Grace Alden
Erin Brandenburg Margaret Thomas
Adam Buller Private Alden
James Cade Private Will Black
Scott Clarkson Private MacLeannen
Christopher Fowler Private Connor
Jeff Legacy William Sawyer
Michael Luckett Guide / Private Michaelson
Tawiah Ben M’carthy Private Nolan
Ted Neal Guide / Private McNeal
Michael Orlando Private Fitzsimmons
Will Poulin Sergeant Clark
Chris Reynolds Guide / Private Vincent
Michael Wheeler Private Everett Thomas

Creative Team

Tara Beagan Head Writer
Tara Beagan Director
Chris Reynolds Director
Ame Henderson Choreographer
Andrew Penner Composer
Jenna McCutchen Costume Designer


Austin Cole Stage Manager
Harmony Cohen Assistant Stage Manager
Erin Klee Assistant Stage Manager
Krystal Twiss Assistant Stage Manager
Vanessa Iacocca Costume Assistant
Sheila Lam Costume Assistant
Alexandria Strickler Costume Assistant
Chris Reynolds Producer
Sid Bruyn Associate Producer
Bruce Chown Associate Producer
Harmony Cohen Associate Producer
Sarah Pyne Associate Producer
Jenn Perras Publicity
John Webster Poster Artwork