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The Harold Experience ()

Produced by

The Assembly

Presented by

Next Stage Theatre Festival

Director: Rob Norman


Factory Studio Theatre


January 3rd, 2018 – January 14th, 2018


Experience a night of true stories, interesting characters, and lots of laughter, all made up on the spot! Featuring Canada’s best improvisers, The Harold Experience is an improv comedy show where the audience meets different characters and watches unrelated stories unfold, inspired by the lives of audience members. These award-winning performers weave together fictional elements with real life narrative, connecting the pieces for a show that’s interesting, satisfying, and always hilarious. (


Brennan Asbridge Performer
Vance Banzo Performer
Andrew Bushell Performer
Matt Folliott Performer
Becky Johnson Performer
Warren Ng Performer
Samara Stern Performer
Rob Baker Performer
Ashley Botting Performer
Adam Cawley Performer
Ken Hall Performer
Leanne Miller Performer
Paloma Nuñez Performer
Antonis Varkaris Performer
Jillian Welsh Performer

Creative Team

Rob Norman Director
Ayaka Kinugawa Musical Director


Meg Maguire Technical Director
Charlene Roth Producer
Martha Stortz Producer


Simon Rossiter Festival Lighting Designer
Sebastian Quinn Hoodless Studio Head Technician