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The House at Poe Corner ()

Produced by

Eldritch Theatre

Playwrights: Michael O’Brien and Eric Woolfe


Red Sandcastle Theatre


April 11th, 2024 – April 21st, 2024


Celebrating the 10th deathiversary and woeful return of Eldritch Theatre’s dreadfully dour Kindergoth Masterpiece. Welcome back to the Grim Woodland of Weir, where the terrifying tales of Edgar Allan Poe are performed in petrifying perpetuity by twisted little toys that bear a striking, yet non-copyright infringing, resemblance to a certain “stuffy old bear” and his forest- dwelling companions. Narrated by two lost souls, Edgar (Eric Woolfe) and Allan (Mairi Babb), and performed by a creepy cabal of table top puppets, aided with some truly horrifying parlour magic, these chilling fables are sure to send audiences into paroxysms of despair, madness and mirth. Dedicated to the dead child in all of us. (


Mairi Babb Performer
Eric Woolfe Performer

Creative Team

Michael O’Brien Playwright
Eric Woolfe Playwright
Cathy Nosaty Composer
Melanie McNeill Designer


Annasofie Jakobsen Stage Manager
Adrianna Prosser Producer
Emma Mackenzie Hillier Associate Producer